Sunny Autumnal Walks

Autumn is my favourite month, as we don’t need to worry about the 2nd degree sunburns that kill your arms slowly for weeks, as you religiously apply Aloe Vera. To the bugs that surround both you and the food you’ve decided to eat. Its the time where it is still sunny but its slightly colder. 

The leaves start changing into a beautiful caramel and blood red colour confusing any vampire as Halloween comes fast. Having both children letting their parents dress them up as cute pumpkins, pirates and witches and adults to dress up as vampires and cats and you occasionally get that cringy couple who dress up as matching dress up. But we won’t go into that. 

Then the sky is light to the point of thinking its days with the mass variety of stunning colours, shapes, sizes and patterns along with the rather large amount of noise. Guy Fawkes bonfire night, as we remember but not in a worship way the man who tried to blow up Parliament. By lighting a warm bonfire and eating toffee apples.

 And then as soon as we know it Christmas is around the corner.

 I find these walks beautiful, as the tale end of summer makes for a great time to purchase a Pumpkin Latte from Starbucks, you can start adding more layers and more pounds as its accepted now nobody needs to get that summer body with the diets that we all say we will start but really just forget about it while putting it off. 

The nights gets dark confusing everybody what the time really. When you wake up it would have been to pure day light 1 or 2 months ago now darkness or the start of the sunset wowing everyone who sees and takes in the beauty of the planet. 

Walking means you can take in the people you pass and how they tend to spend their autumnal start. Some carrying shopping bags. Others birthday presents or flowers. Taking in the slightly chilly air that goes when you walk into a angelic patch of sunlight. 

And look us girls don’t have to worry about saving anymore so thats a up, am i right?