Ice Hockey 🏒⛸

Ice Hockey. Not a sport that I’ve ever taken much interest in. My twin cousins play for the MK Falcons on the woman’s team. Their pretty good. We went to see the MK Lightning men’s team play. And gosh what a night.

I like watching sports on the TV, the 2012 Olympics being the key example as I would watch the rowing and beach volleyball and tennis, I vowed that I was going to start going to clubs on which I could practise to become the next Andy Murray. Let’s just say that didn’t happen and so I put it aside and think back on it now as a childhood obsession. 

So this was the first, maybe second sport match i had seen live, and in person. I went a couple of years back to a football match for charity all the celebrities playing, if I have to tell the truth One Direction were playing it as well as others. So it was a must of myself going if I’m completely honest. But this being my second was still exciting, watching a sport I had no idea how to play until I Googled it in the car on the way there. I think I understood. 6 plays on the ice for each team. 1 of which was the goal keeper, who as I watched were protected to the max. Then there were 3 periods if I remember correctly, and people swapped around quite a lot. 

As the game went on there were a awful lot of yellow cards in a way. I will name them that as I’ve forgotten the real name of it. But I got into the game by the 2nd time MK Lightnings had scored, so much so my left arm shot up in celebration when they scored. I’m still not sure why and I had to force myself not to do it again. I put it down to how exciting and new it was and that I had become so emerged with the whole experience, but why complain, I was having the time of my life. 

As the game finished, after many injuries and people getting crushed by one another and the mass of ice hockey sticks that had been snapped and gloves that has been lost mid game. A fight broke out between a player on the Hull Pirates and a MK Lightning player. People around me saying it was because Hull were bad losers. It was fun to watch, I shouldn’t say that. But i wanted to know what was happening and I didn’t want this game to end. 

When the game finished we went and stood by the chanting men and women, and watched the player’s come out and go to the changing rooms and one of the smiled at me and I had a little heart flutter attack. You can tell I’m  a teenage girl now can’t you. 

Overall I will be going to the match this Saturday coming, as i feel like this is the time and place to take up a hobby. And I feel as if, watching ice hockey is that hobby. And I enjoy it which is something I don’t say a lot about things. So Ice Hockey it is.