This is something I found i could do in Y9 when I was just starting high school, in my textiles lesson. We got told that we had to use hand embroidery to create a image or picture or item and so I sewed a feather, it was quite good for me at that time. And since then its almost became one of my hobbies.

I made sure that the day I finished it, I was to go to the local Hobby craft and buy as many colourful threads, the needles and hoop thing that I still don’t know the name for. But I had the idea I was going to sew a member of my favourite band at the time 5 Seconds Of Summer and I made sure it was my favourite member Michael. I had to get a bright red for his hair and whites and skin tone colours and everything like that to make it perfect.

I remember completing it and feeling so proud. Because I used all these different types of needle work I could and it look great in my eyes. I then went on to Tweet it to Michael and the band and getting it out there. People asking me if I could make them one and send it once they have paid for it. Which i turned down as i wanted to do it for me.

I did Ariel the other day and finished her earlier. Embroidery is a perfect way to relax and get your eyes away from a screen and a great way to make something you can keep or give away as a gift that somebody else will treasure. I find it soothes me and makes me feel calm and helps me to concentration, although if you do take it up I don’t promise you that your fingers and thumbs are going to come out unpricked but it may be likely that I’m  just clumsy.

I recommend anybody to take this up. You can sew onto anything a t-shirt to a handkerchief which I use.I find they are easier to start off with if its your first embroidery piece. You can spend as much or as little as you want on it and can do it free hand or sketch a shape or silhouette onto it from a printed off picture. But it is a soothing hobbie that calms your mind till you prick your finger.