The Experimenter Obsession 

This bath bomb is perhaps my favourite of them all. The moment you put it into the bath, the colours separate and creates this simple work of art that lasts seconds before they all intertwine with one another making a colourful array of wonder. 

This is one of the eye catching bath bombs when you walk into Lush. Its matte but still noticeable. Not like Intergalactic or Think Pink bold, bright and out there,but its eye catching in a different way. The smell is divine, ive never smelt anything so good, its like all the good candy you loved and had to get everytime you went near a shop that would sell it.

Im expecting a selection of new bath bombs soon that i have yet to try, and i might find one to level with The Experimenter but i doubt it highly. Although it would be nice, to walk in and not go straight for the same bath bomb time after time on which i know that when i walk through the doors the bowl with The Experimenter in is on the left hand of the table the 3rd bowl across. Honestly that also shows i need a life.

But yes the colour is beautiful and like a rainbow swirled together, the smell of it reminds me of the old sweet shops which you could get a bag full of sweets that you bought with your weekly pocket money, the relationship it has with the water leaves both a burst of colour and comfort and the way it leaves your skin feeling the most moisturised it has felt in ages and smelling heavenly makes it my favourite.

Now you know about my bath bomb obsession, whats yours and why?