Ice Hockey 🏒⛸

Ice Hockey. Not a sport that I’ve ever taken much interest in. My twin cousins play for the MK Falcons on the woman’s team. Their pretty good. We went to see the MK Lightning men’s team play. And gosh what a night.

I like watching sports on the TV, the 2012 Olympics being the key example as I would watch the rowing and beach volleyball and tennis, I vowed that I was going to start going to clubs on which I could practise to become the next Andy Murray. Let’s just say that didn’t happen and so I put it aside and think back on it now as a childhood obsession. 

So this was the first, maybe second sport match i had seen live, and in person. I went a couple of years back to a football match for charity all the celebrities playing, if I have to tell the truth One Direction were playing it as well as others. So it was a must of myself going if I’m completely honest. But this being my second was still exciting, watching a sport I had no idea how to play until I Googled it in the car on the way there. I think I understood. 6 plays on the ice for each team. 1 of which was the goal keeper, who as I watched were protected to the max. Then there were 3 periods if I remember correctly, and people swapped around quite a lot. 

As the game went on there were a awful lot of yellow cards in a way. I will name them that as I’ve forgotten the real name of it. But I got into the game by the 2nd time MK Lightnings had scored, so much so my left arm shot up in celebration when they scored. I’m still not sure why and I had to force myself not to do it again. I put it down to how exciting and new it was and that I had become so emerged with the whole experience, but why complain, I was having the time of my life. 

As the game finished, after many injuries and people getting crushed by one another and the mass of ice hockey sticks that had been snapped and gloves that has been lost mid game. A fight broke out between a player on the Hull Pirates and a MK Lightning player. People around me saying it was because Hull were bad losers. It was fun to watch, I shouldn’t say that. But i wanted to know what was happening and I didn’t want this game to end. 

When the game finished we went and stood by the chanting men and women, and watched the player’s come out and go to the changing rooms and one of the smiled at me and I had a little heart flutter attack. You can tell I’m  a teenage girl now can’t you. 

Overall I will be going to the match this Saturday coming, as i feel like this is the time and place to take up a hobby. And I feel as if, watching ice hockey is that hobby. And I enjoy it which is something I don’t say a lot about things. So Ice Hockey it is.


Sunny Autumnal Walks

Autumn is my favourite month, as we don’t need to worry about the 2nd degree sunburns that kill your arms slowly for weeks, as you religiously apply Aloe Vera. To the bugs that surround both you and the food you’ve decided to eat. Its the time where it is still sunny but its slightly colder. 

The leaves start changing into a beautiful caramel and blood red colour confusing any vampire as Halloween comes fast. Having both children letting their parents dress them up as cute pumpkins, pirates and witches and adults to dress up as vampires and cats and you occasionally get that cringy couple who dress up as matching dress up. But we won’t go into that. 

Then the sky is light to the point of thinking its days with the mass variety of stunning colours, shapes, sizes and patterns along with the rather large amount of noise. Guy Fawkes bonfire night, as we remember but not in a worship way the man who tried to blow up Parliament. By lighting a warm bonfire and eating toffee apples.

 And then as soon as we know it Christmas is around the corner.

 I find these walks beautiful, as the tale end of summer makes for a great time to purchase a Pumpkin Latte from Starbucks, you can start adding more layers and more pounds as its accepted now nobody needs to get that summer body with the diets that we all say we will start but really just forget about it while putting it off. 

The nights gets dark confusing everybody what the time really. When you wake up it would have been to pure day light 1 or 2 months ago now darkness or the start of the sunset wowing everyone who sees and takes in the beauty of the planet. 

Walking means you can take in the people you pass and how they tend to spend their autumnal start. Some carrying shopping bags. Others birthday presents or flowers. Taking in the slightly chilly air that goes when you walk into a angelic patch of sunlight. 

And look us girls don’t have to worry about saving anymore so thats a up, am i right?


This is something I found i could do in Y9 when I was just starting high school, in my textiles lesson. We got told that we had to use hand embroidery to create a image or picture or item and so I sewed a feather, it was quite good for me at that time. And since then its almost became one of my hobbies.

I made sure that the day I finished it, I was to go to the local Hobby craft and buy as many colourful threads, the needles and hoop thing that I still don’t know the name for. But I had the idea I was going to sew a member of my favourite band at the time 5 Seconds Of Summer and I made sure it was my favourite member Michael. I had to get a bright red for his hair and whites and skin tone colours and everything like that to make it perfect.

I remember completing it and feeling so proud. Because I used all these different types of needle work I could and it look great in my eyes. I then went on to Tweet it to Michael and the band and getting it out there. People asking me if I could make them one and send it once they have paid for it. Which i turned down as i wanted to do it for me.

I did Ariel the other day and finished her earlier. Embroidery is a perfect way to relax and get your eyes away from a screen and a great way to make something you can keep or give away as a gift that somebody else will treasure. I find it soothes me and makes me feel calm and helps me to concentration, although if you do take it up I don’t promise you that your fingers and thumbs are going to come out unpricked but it may be likely that I’m  just clumsy.

I recommend anybody to take this up. You can sew onto anything a t-shirt to a handkerchief which I use.I find they are easier to start off with if its your first embroidery piece. You can spend as much or as little as you want on it and can do it free hand or sketch a shape or silhouette onto it from a printed off picture. But it is a soothing hobbie that calms your mind till you prick your finger.

Kew Gardens🌳

Kew Gardens is one of the most magical places I have ever gone. From the statues lining the borders of the garden, to the big houses that old Kings lived and died in. Its an amazing place to visit, the colours of the mass array of flowers and plants dotted all around the acres of land are perfect in every way and form. 

Its the perfect place for everyone, I saw a lot of families, with both older and younger children. Elderly people walking round, we went with my grandma and she loved it. Couples and teens were also surrounding the paths and extraction. Which shows just how it attracts any age and any type of person. 

Every part of the day, had a scene from Narnia every corner we turned. This human sized bird cage (the only way I can describe it) was beautiful and stunning in every way. The colours and the design made it extravagant and seem posh. Its was great for both blog and Instagram pictures, as you will see. Most of the Gardens were great for that if im completely honest. 

This Garden has so much history crammed into it, Kings and Queens lived there years ago and died there, the items they used still placed in their old house. Gardens kept to the standard they would have been, by dedicated gardens, who should be high praised. Facts about the Royal family who lived there and rooms that haven’t changed at all. Rooms that had little colour of wallpaper and were just wooden and basic and something you wouldnt live to live it, to rooms that has silk and the most stunning colours and wooden floors that have with held all the history. Beds that are only fit for a King or Queen with the most expensive bedding and silk throws. History runs through Kew Gardens to a great extent.

I could visit this time after time. We didnt get to see everything in great detail in the time we were there, it also kills your feet so wear a good pair of shoes. But i do recommend this to everyone no matter who you are, great day out, great beauty and something that seems like a secret garden and a half.

The Experimenter Obsession 

This bath bomb is perhaps my favourite of them all. The moment you put it into the bath, the colours separate and creates this simple work of art that lasts seconds before they all intertwine with one another making a colourful array of wonder. 

This is one of the eye catching bath bombs when you walk into Lush. Its matte but still noticeable. Not like Intergalactic or Think Pink bold, bright and out there,but its eye catching in a different way. The smell is divine, ive never smelt anything so good, its like all the good candy you loved and had to get everytime you went near a shop that would sell it.

Im expecting a selection of new bath bombs soon that i have yet to try, and i might find one to level with The Experimenter but i doubt it highly. Although it would be nice, to walk in and not go straight for the same bath bomb time after time on which i know that when i walk through the doors the bowl with The Experimenter in is on the left hand of the table the 3rd bowl across. Honestly that also shows i need a life.

But yes the colour is beautiful and like a rainbow swirled together, the smell of it reminds me of the old sweet shops which you could get a bag full of sweets that you bought with your weekly pocket money, the relationship it has with the water leaves both a burst of colour and comfort and the way it leaves your skin feeling the most moisturised it has felt in ages and smelling heavenly makes it my favourite.

Now you know about my bath bomb obsession, whats yours and why?